Neuroimmunology and Neurological Infections

The contemporary debate on neuroimmunology is gaining attention for the precise reason. The brain and the immune system are inextricably linked. A greater knowledge of the interplay between these two systems through neuroimmunology demonstrates the explicit study of medicine's future. Neuroimmunology and neuroinflammation are linked to the genesis of autism, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and AIDS-related dementia, and other neuro-related disorders. Because of insufficient laboratory and surgical procedures, neuroinfectious disorders are difficult to detect. Despite the fact that antimicrobials have a limited function in treating Brain infections, researchers are looking for remedies. Immune system dysregulation and immunological bonding will lead to significant consequences of auto-immune neural diseases. Neuroimmunology research tends to produce novel therapies with unequivocal outcomes for nerve and neurologic disorders.

  • Pathogenesis of Neuroinfections
  • Autoimmune Neurological Diseases
  • Immune-Mediated Neurological Disorders
  • Immunotherapy for Neurological Diseases

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