Neurogenetics & Neuropharmacology

It is astonishing to see how genes, molecules bridges to brain and CNS disorders. Many researchers work in behavioural neural genetics because it comprehends with the characteristic of neuro disorders with the latest cutting edge techniques used. Solid statistical analyses and logical interpretation is essential to prove the concerns behind neurogenetics. Neuropharmacology Deals with the effect of drugs in the nervous system with the intent to develop drug compounds that provide therapeutic benefits for the treatment of CNS and psychiatry disease. It helps in understanding the bio availability and bio equivalence of the drug which exerts the mechanism in brain circuity. Neuropharmacology majorly segregates based on Molecular neuropharmacology and behavioural neuropharmacology. Neuro chemical interactions bring the potential advances to understand neuropharmacology. Modulation of CNS neurotransmission with drugs that intervene the chemical synapses leads in pharamcotherapeutic management


  • Track 1-1 Recent Drug development
  • Track 2-2 Gene mutation and disease
  • Track 3-3 Genetic engineering and Gene sequencing

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